This is a list of the many digital tools I use to get through my tasks. I will update this list often, adding and dropping elements as I see fit. There’s no affiliation here. I just wanted to share my methods of productivity. Hopefully, someone will find value in at least one element of the list, and use it for their own endeavors.

Also, I’m open to suggestions if you know of a different tool that would be better than one of the list.








Technology philosophy

In the end, it’s all about crippling your technology. If we let it, technology with all its websites, gadgets and networks, will overrun any plan we may have. Remember, technology is addictive. Before adopting any new tool or gadget, it’s worth asking ourselves if this is the right solution for the right problem. This is why I still don’t have an iPhone or iPad. They solve more problems than I have, which means they’ll either create new problems, or waste my time with solutions I don’t need.

Thanks to Josh Kaufman, Colin Wright, Arséne Hodali and Jean-Daniel Tanguay for helping me discover many of the tools mentioned here. Also, thanks to Paul Stamatiou for the idea behind this page.