• Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship in the Network Age


  • I'm an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and lifelong learner. I speak and advise regularly on the future of work and education, the role of relationships in business innovation and career growth, and the entrepreneurship mindset.


    I'm not a full-time speaker because I believe in creating value outside of the lecture hall, in the "real world," and then sharing what I've learned in front of other people. That being said, I approach every speaking engagement by tailoring my message to the audience, speaking only from my own research and experiences (what Nassim Taleb calls "doxastic commitment").


    I currently alternate frequently between life in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Tallinn, Estonia.


    For speaking engagements, contact me at me@carlosmiceli.com.


    Spoken in English and Spanish around the world, including:


    The Future of Work: An Optimist's Take


    Tech entrepreneurs. Investors. The media. They all agree: Artificial Intelligence will change how we work forever. They often remind us that automation is almost here, and we should be worried about the consequences...


    But a healthy dose of skepticism is in order. First, because they are incentivized to spread the AI gospel and fulfill their predictions. Second, because when facing a scary outcome, optimism is the fuel needed to imagine an alternative.


    In this presentation, I explain why our passive acceptance of the popular "robots will take our jobs" narrative is preventing us from detecting business and career opportunities that humans are better suited to exploit than machines, and that can improve our lives and the world today.

  • English subtitles coming soon...

    The New Role of Employees: People as Agents of Information


    Most companies have difficulties 1) communicating the challenges and opportunities they face, 2) identifying and recruiting the best people for the task, and 3) developing them to maximize the ROI of the partnership. In this talk, I cover:

    • The best way for businesses to find and attract talent in the Network Age.
    • How to develop and retain Millenials, a generation seduced by the "do what you love" narrative.
    • Why businesses need to maintain a long-term relationship with their employees, even after they leave the company.

    This presentation will teach you to turn your workforce into an engine of untapped information and profitable innovations.

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    Career-Hacking: Leveling up with New Relationships and an Entrepreneurial Mindset


    The way our careers grow or die changed forever. A curated resumé, a college degree with good grades, and a conservative attitude are no longer enough to guarantee a long-term successful career. In this talk, I cover:

    • Why everyone needs a curated network of career allies.
    • What skills we should develop if we want more jobs, clients and recognition.
    • What careers and industries you should avoid.
    This is the framework that will teach you how to achieve new career breakthroughs fast and often.

    Estonia Experience is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the country that Wired magazine called in 2016 "the most advanced digital society in the world."


    During this customized trip, you'll meet the startups, entrepreneurs and tech visionaries that are changing how the world thinks about governance, banking, legislation, security, nationalities, travel, and more. Stroll through Europe's oldest and virtually intact medieval city, and understand the history and cultural elements that led this tiny post-soviet nation to become one of the biggest forces of innovation of the XXI century.


    Carlos is co-founder of Estonia Experience.


    My work has been featured in many different media outlets worldwide:


    "We invited Carlos to speak about HR and recruiting trends in startups for our entrepreneurship class. Our students were a mix of small business and startup owners, average age 40, and they voted the class as the best one in the semester. I recommend Carlos both because of his speaking skills and his understanding of professional networks and relationships."

    Michel Mosse, Operations Manager at UBER

    "I saw Carlos present at New York University. He was able to give some very useful tips on networking, priming yourself to find the right opportunities for your business and developing your brand, which I'm looking forward to applying to my career."

    Helen W. - Senior In-House Lawyer at Top Financial Institution

    “Carlos is a truly inspirational speaker, and has a command of presence and business insights that makes it high-level enough for the more savvy person yet understandable for the new startup owner. His presence charmed our audience and engaged them even more to listen and want to learn from. I know that many people rated him as one of the highlights of our event – myself included.”​

    Tarek El Kady, World Economic Forum Founding Curator

    "I love meeting people like Carlos, that know so well what they want to do and why they want to do it... and share it with others! A relentless entrepreneur, simple and focused, with the charm and attitude required to inspire others."

    Alba Romero, Director of Experiences, Talent and Culture at Diverza

    "Carlos is a keen, conceptual thinker who is able of communicating his ideas clearly. His insights would be valuable to many people, particularly those who value his views on education and how to foster their own independence in the changing world of work. He is also a good listener which is one of the reasons he understands the world and the human condition."

    John Sydney Hopkins, Financial Forecasting Consultant & Advisor

    "Carlos' talks are always supported by research and hard earned experience. Full of practical tips and frameworks that are easy to understand and apply, Carlos has helped me shift the way I think about sales and growing my career."

    Florencia Di Sarli, Consultant and UC Irvine event attendee


    Carlos Miceli is an entrepreneur, speaker, and lifelong learner. He speaks and advises regularly on the future of work and education, the role of relationships in business innovation and career growth, and the entrepreneurship mindset. He has founded multiple startups and has advised hundreds of people on how to grow their careers. He has worked in the US, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Australia, Mexico, China and Estonia. He has spoken at many institutions worldwide, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and more. Apertura magazine, the most important business magazine of Latin America, named Carlos a Top Leader of Argentina Under 35.