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Travel and abundance

A common attitude I see in some of my most impressive allies is how comfortable and willing they are to get on a flight without too much planning, only to go see someone or something.

No deep analysis.
No second-guessing.
No looking at flight costs first.

Someone worth seeing, BOOM, tickets purchased. Already knowing it will be worth it.

That's what a mindset of abundance looks like.

I've done this myself multiple times, getting in buses and planes to go to places where I knew almost no one, only to arrive and benefit of the untapped and unpredictable opportunities. The rewards, while unclear at first, have been 10x or 100x the cost of the flight and the time abroad. I've done this going to China, Chile, the US, Iceland, and more.

Most people never do this because they want to know what the reward is, the utility behind the cost. And that's why opportunities never come their way. They let their lack of clarity define their future, as opposed to embracing that the future is the result of our actions.

It's become a very simple heuristic for me to understand if a person believes in scarcity or abundance; when was the last time they traveled without knowing exactly what was going to happen when they arrived?

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