• Career-Hacking

    "Carlos helped me when I had no idea what I wanted to do but I knew my current situation needed to change. He helped me focus on the right problems with concrete action plans week after week, and land a new job with a salary increase."


    - Miles Fitzgerald, Product Designer at Spotify

  • Do you know why most careers don't grow?

    Do you ever wish you knew exactly what you need to be doing to have the career you want?


    Do you wish you could stop worrying about whether you are at the right job, or working with the right people, or investing your time and money on the right things?


    Well, you are not alone.


    The Internet brought many opportunities, but at the price of fast-paced changes that transformed the way our careers grow or die forever.


    We have all received outdated advice that told us to focus on polishing our resumes, spotlighting our credentials, and working hard. However, these are no longer enough to guarantee a long-term successful career. In the modern economy, uncertainty and confusion reign. The question becomes: how can we thrive in these conditions?


    It’s time to become a career-hacker.


    A career-hacker works very hard, but every career move and decision she makes is fully aligned with what she wants for her life. Her career is guided by her life goals, and not the other way around.


    At the same time, a career-hacker is in tune with what the world wants and needs. He doesn't let the world dictate what he should do, but also stays away from what nobody desires. His career is both a vehicle for his life goals and for the market demands.


    Career-hackers learn from others, but craft their own strategy because they know that their story has not been written yet. While there are shortcuts, it's up to them to figure out which ones work for their situation.


    Top performers understand that when every aspect of their life is in sync and supporting each other (no matter how bleak things look outside), their output is 10 times, maybe 100 times better - which is why they get 10 or 100 times better rewards.


    It's the ones that align their personal and professional goals, and THEN make the RIGHT career decisions, who hack their way into success.

    "Carlos is absolutely a pleasure to work with. Brilliant, empathetic, action-oriented, and a sharp mind for business. Whatever he's asking for his rates, pay them and be assured you're going to get 20x more value in return. This is someone you want to go to war with."


    - Sebastian Marshall, Cofounder of Ultraworking

    I help ambitious professionals update their strategy and habits, so they can attract better jobs, more responsibility, more money, more fun, and more time to do the things they love.


    It's my belief that people must do everything possible to build a thriving and joyful career, so they can lead good lives and be agents of positive change in the world.


    The "Career-Hacking" method is designed to help:


    I LOVE working with busy people; busy people work harder, have a better sense of how long real growth takes, use their time and mine wisely, think carefully before making a new commitment, have a history of acting and following through on advice, and know the importance of investing time and resources in themselves.


    I like people that care about mastery; they understand that they can't see everything that's happening in the world, appreciate the effort required to acquire expertise in any field, and look for others to give them unique perspectives.


    I don't work with people that tend to complain or blame, have a history of thinking too much and acting too little, and don't write things down (few things shout "I don't think I need help" like not writing down good advice, good ideas, or things one may forget otherwise). Also, I don't work with assholes; I look for people with a track record of being liked and respected.


    I run multiple businesses, which only leaves me time to work with 3-4 coaching clients at the same time. As my work with current clients winds down, I open up slots for clients on the waitlist that I get to know through the free assessment call.


    For US$ 225 per month, I offer a classic coaching format of two 45-minute calls, exercises in between, and chats or emails as needed throughout the month. A standard coaching project lasts around three months, ideal time to see big wins in the short term.


    Different formats and pricing structures can be explored depending on the client's situation. Rest assured that if we both want to work together, we will find a way that works!

    "Carlos led a workshop that not only personally transformed my life, but also other students in my community."


    - Aidan Gold, Biotech Communications Consultant at W2O Group

  • What You Can Expect

    If you commit to the process, these are some goals you can accomplish working with me:

    In 30 Days


    Gain clarity about what you should stop and start doing each day.


    Written plan of action of your goals and how you will work towards them.


    Sustainable feeling of excitement, momentum and focus on your work.


    Install or eliminate key habits relevant for your career growth.

    In 90 days


    Get a better job or better perks at your current job.


    Launch your own business.


    Revamp all relevant online credentials so you position yourself the right way according to your long-term goals.


    Become competent at any new skill.

    In 180 days


    Transition into a new career or industry, and redefine your professional identity.


    Develop new professional networks, full of new allies and connections in your fields of interest.


    Gain career optionality: have more income streams, more business insights into new opportunities, more people needing your help.

  • "Why do I need this?"

    Poor Self-Understanding

    Understanding what we want to do, why we want to do it, and what tools we have to get there is a lifelong exercise. Most people avoid it. More importantly, it's difficult to do without help. We fail to see our weak spots because we have blind spots and biases. Without an external perspective whose single goal is to make YOU better, you will keep tripping with the same rocks.

    Lack of Discipline & Focus

    Cal Newport says that "focus is the new I.Q." The ability to concentrate and work on demanding tasks without getting distracted has become a rare, and therefore, valuable skill. With the rise of communication technologies, we have stimuli coming at us every day. Careers stagnate or grow too slow because days are ruled by distractions, multitasking, and procrastination. People have forgotten the art of discipline. Without it, it's impossible to execute a plan successfully.

    Lack of Strategy

    “How does this end?” This is the question that separates tactics from strategy, says James Fallows. There are plenty of tips and tricks on countless books, blogs and conferences that we can start applying today. However, they tend to generate little sustainable change for those trying to implement them in their own lives and work. Why? Because they lack context: a personalized strategy that makes everything click. A career without strategy is a career full of exhausting experimentation that fails to deliver what we want.

    Outdated Paradigms & Mindset

    "Working on the right thing is more important than working hard," said Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr. What holds back most people is not lack of effort, but rather effort put in the wrong things. They show up and exceed at everything their loved ones, their institutions and the media told them would bring the rewards they want, but haven’t realized they are working hard at the wrong things. The results? Discouragement. Frustration. Bewilderment. These are the actions and reactions of those that haven't realized the game has changed, and that others are beating them to the prizes.

  • The Process

    Step 1: Analyze & Crystalize

    The first stage of coaching is assessing your situation, and crystallizing what you want for your life and work. This is arguably the hardest stage, and most people never leave it (or even start it). If you want to know your options, you must understand and be able to communicate your values, skills, and goals, but also your assets, career environment, relationships, and more.


    We start by having conversations and exercises to help you see what internal and external obstacles and gaps you are facing, and communicate effectively to yourself and others how you will break through.

    Step 2: Strategy & Exercises

    What holds most people back from acting is not lack of aspirations, but lack of clarity and predictability of the process. When the specifics of what we should do are blurry, we procrastinate. Breaking down a goal into its optimal strategy, exercises, and systems that keep us going is the essence of coaching in action.


    Through frameworks and prompts, we craft a strategy grounded in an honest self-assessment—leveraging every asset and strength at your disposal—and find new ways to accomplish your goal.

    Step 3: Measure & Iterate

    The key attitude for any 21st century professional is adaptation. Leveraging the unpredictability and randomness of the world we live in is a prerequisite to swim with the current of opportunities, not against. We must consistently test, learn, and improve. Like Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha say, we must abandon "Ready, Aim, Fire" for "Aim, Fire, Aim, Fire, Aim, Fire."


    Yet very few do, because they lack the support systems to externalize their experiences, track their results, and improve on their actions. I hand-hold you throughout your exercises, talking frequently, expecting your reports and providing the perspectives and feedback to help you improve your results.

    Step 4: Review, Reap & Reinvest

    Anyone can score a couple of wins on luck or hustle alone. Yet there is a reason many people that had great prospects in their 20s and 30s hit an unexpected plateau or drop in their 40s or older. As Marshall Goldsmith said: what got us here won't get us there. What separates the sustainable performers from the temporary ones is poor understanding of the reasons behind their achievements, failure to consolidate their wins, and not reinvesting their rewards strategically.


    I help people close every growth cycle with activities that ensure reaping all the rewards, digesting the lessons of the cycle, and updating their future plans after accomplishing their goals.

  • If I fail, you make US$100

    “It is amazing how much may be done if we are always doing.” - Thomas Jefferson

    Many people, me included, have seen whole lives transformed with this process. I use the same dynamics that have worked for hundreds of years in all successful mentorships and coaches: accountability, consistency, timed prompts, externalization and customization. I am so confident it works that if you are not happy with the results after the first 30 days, I give you your money back plus US$100. Yes, you make a profit if I fail on you. If you want to wait, that's ok, but know that prices will increase in the future. Signing up for your free 20-min. assessment call takes only 60 seconds, and it may be the spark that gets you rolling for good.

  • "The World's Best Athletes Need Coaches,

    and You Don't?"

    "Whenever you watch a world-class athlete perform, you can be sure that there is a great coach behind her success. It's not that the coach is better at playing the sport than the player, in fact that is almost never the case. But the coaches have a different skill: they can observe players in action and tell them how to be better. So why is it that in the business world coaches are so unusual? Are we all so confident of ourselves that we can't imagine someone helping us to be better? If so, this is a fallacy. As a business leader, you need a coach."


    - Eric Schmidt, executive chairman and former CEO of Google